5 Ways to Become More Confident

Confidence is a motivator. Being confident is the foundation of all success. Confidence helps a person reach for the stars. Being confident is not always a trait that is inborn. There is no need to worry or stress about this trait; confidence can be created and becoming confident is a result that anyone can produce. Below are 5 effective ways to gain more confidence and become more confident.
1. Use Visualization to Your Advantage

One of the best ways to become more confident quickly is to use the power of visualization. This is a powerful tool that has been used by elite athletes to prepare themselves for peak performance for years. Some lay people dismiss the power of tool because they think it’s “woo-woo” and won’t help them. That’s just a myth, my friend. Visualization is a very effective and powerful tool to build confidence. Why? The brain cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. When you visualize yourself successfully doing whatever it is that you want to do, not only are creating an opportunity to practice successfully doing that which you wish to do, but you are also re-wiring your brain to do it. Thus, you put your mind in a better position to experience the confidence to reach for that reality.

2. Get a Coach to Help Rework the Mind
Some might think they can handle things on their own, but successful people know they don’t have to create success alone. They know to become truly successful requires a team, and a life coach or success coach can prove to be an invaluable member of your team. Success coaching helps you get clarity, uncover limiting beliefs and potential blind spots so you can refocus on create the precise result that you want. The key is the success coaching must be built on positive reinforcement rather than negative criticism. Research shows the brain can form a new focus with positive reinforcement. Focus leaves little room for doubt, which a great way to boost your confidence. This is one way that a life coach or success coach can help you.

3. Activate the Global Processing Part of the Brain

Try to activate the global processing part of your brain or at least develop it further. This is a skill where you are able to shift your focus from the details and truly focus on the larger picture. When you can stop worrying about how hard one step might be, you can take time to focus on the larger goal and the progress you’re making toward the achievement of that goal. This skill helps build confidence by ensuring that you don’t get tripped up, stuck or distracted by little obstacles along the way. One easy way to activate this part of the brain is by meditating.

4. Adopt Physical Improvements

It might seem a little vain, but the fact of the matter is a person’s physical appearance helps exude confidence. A person that looks good and knows it tends to feel more confident about themselves. The improvements could be as easy as purchasing a perfectly tailored suit or going in for a little dental whitening or reconstruction. Perhaps, just wearing those clothes in your closet that make you feel most confident is just the thing you need to take your level of confidence up a couple of levels.

5. Encouragement Reinforces Belief

This one might seem small, but the emotional state of a person can affect his or her confidence. Hearing encouraging words will help boost your belief, which does turn into confidence. Those encouraging words can come from outside of you or from inside you. Remember, your brain does not care if things are real or imagined. So be willing to open your mind to unlimited possibilities keeping in mind that this technique works best when you believe in the words of encouragement. It might be a good idea to have a mentor, family member, or a friend know what you are attempting to do so that he or she knows when to throw in a few words of encouragement. In the meantime, you should certainly encourage yourself on a frequent basis.

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