EP022: Lisa Van Ahn on Overcoming Childhood Abuse and the Victim Mentality

After being molested for several years, Lisa Van Ahn tried to commit suicide when she was a child. Now at 40 years old, she inspires and makes a positive difference in the world. Lisa is an accomplished athlete and kickboxing fighter who has fought on an international level. Listen shares with us how she overcame her difficult childhood struggles and how she empowers women to follow their dreams today.


Key Takeaways:

[3:40] Who is Lisa?

[6:40] When you’ve been victimized by others, how do you overcome that?

[8:20] You still have a choice. You always have a choice to change your perception and mentality.

[11:10] How does this revelation or mental shift really happen?  

[13:40] Lisa’s journey from being abused as a child to where she is now is absolutely amazing.

[16:00] Knowing you have a choice takes you to another level.

[19:20] Lisa used kickboxing to heal.

[20:55] Despite being a professional fighter, Lisa does have a soft side.

[24:30] How does Lisa help others?

[30:40] Women should stop apologizing for their abilities and strengths.

[34:45] If you just focus on your flaws, your flaws will get bigger.

[38:05] Lisa does have tough days and she isn’t always positive, positive, positive!

[43:20] For those in the self-development field, Lisa believes it’s important to be aware of the suffering in the world.

[46:25] Let your personal mantra be, ‘I choose and I am free’.


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