EP025: Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Grow Your Business with Paul McManus

Paul McManus is the co-founder of More Clients | More Fun, and helps coaches and consultants get more clients through LinkedIn. Today, Paul teaches us how powerful LinkedIn really is and that it is more than just an online resume website. LinkedIn can be used as a powerful marketing tool to attract the right clients and with over 400 million people using the service you literally have access to your target market at the touch of a button.


Key Takeaways:

[3:00] How did Paul get started?

[5:30] LinkedIn is often used as an online resume, but there’s so much more you can do with it.

[6:10] LinkedIn is actually a goldmine.

[7:50] What sort of key items should you put in your LinkedIn profile?

[8:40] Who do you want to attract to your LinkedIn profile?

[11:25] How can you strategically use LinkedIn to connect with people you don’t know?

[15:00] Paul is very specific on who he wants to attract through his LinkedIn profile.

[18:00] It’s harder to build relationships with people you don’t know on Facebook vs. LinkedIn.

[20:35] How do you engage with people on LinkedIn?

[23:45] Paul explains what ‘Pulse’ is. 

[26:35] Do you have to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn in order to be successful on it?

[28:45] Paul recommends that most people should just stick to the free LinkedIn account.

[33:50] How can you connect with influencers in your industry on LinkedIn?

[38:25] Don’t rely on celebrities in your industry to help you. There are other options.

[41:20] What kind of challenges do people have when using LinkedIn?

[44:45] Feel free to connect with Paul on LinkedIn.

[46:25] Rick learned a ton today. His LinkedIn account is currently collecting dust.


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