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Rick Petry’s message is presented in a fun and entertaining style that will transform your company or organization with a special brand of Jet Fuel For Your Life ™.  As a renowned speaker, trainer, author, advocate, mentor, thought leader and coach, Rick is on the rise to national and international prominence.  He was hand-picked to become one of Jack Canfield’s protégé’s in his exclusive Train The Trainer program.

Rick teaches techniques and strategies to help you and your audience accelerate your personal growth, the achievement of your most cherished goals, and the fulfillment of your highest aspirations for living a joyful, productive and fulfilled life.

Rick delivers his message to corporate climbers, wantreprenuers, entrepreneurs, corporations and organizations around the world.  The responses to Rick’s presentations have been nothing short of incredible because Rick’s trainings help people develop breakthrough results so they can be, do and have anything they want.

Organizational and corporate leaders value Rick’s work because he inspires audiences to achieve their highest levels of productivity and success.  He provides his audiences with a purpose to tackle challenges head on, adapt to inevitable change, intentionally shape perspectives and creatively solve problems FAST.

Rick electrifies audiences from Fortune 500 companies to urban educators and inner-city youth with the message of his own life’s struggles and the principles, keys, insights and strategies he used to overcome them. Rick is very familiar with the struggles people face today as they strive to gain greater clarity and refocus their direction.  He was born in Spokane, Washington during the civil rights movement.  His young adult years were difficult, but he overcame what many would have certainly considered to be overwhelming obstacles to become a trail attorney, speaker, author and trainer.

After hearing Rick Petry speak, your audience will be more than inspired and motivated to accomplish more and enjoy even greater levels of success, they will also learn how to step up, be 100% responsible for their outcomes, and play big in all areas of their lives.

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