Unleash The Power

Unleash The Power of Your Incredible Plastic Brain

How well is your team or organization currently performing?  Is your team on top of its game or telling itself stories to justify why it’s stuck on the sidelines?  Is your organization growing and thriving or just barely surviving?

No matter how you answer these questions, you know that the most critical success factor is how your team or organization is thinking.  It’s pure cause and effect.  How and what your team or organization thinks controls how well it performs.   Revealing the latest breakthroughs from the field of neuroscience, Rick Petry destroys the old myth that brain you were born with is the brain you die with and the old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Rick does this by teaching audiences how to use science to reprogram their brains to transform old thoughts of fear, doubt and obstacles into new neurocircuits containing beliefs of unlimited possibilities.

Audiences leave this keynote armed with two very simple but extremely powerful formulas that they can put to work immediately to gain more confidence, deflect rejection, and increase sales and overall performance exponentially. After experiencing Rick Petry’s performance of Unleash The Power of Your Incredible Plastic Brain, your audience will inspired to take immediate action to start achieving their goals and making a long lasting impact on their careers and families well after the keynote has been delivered.

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